Stay Healthy This Season

Hello, my loves!

We all need to stay healthy during the holiday season but sometimes we are bombarded by tons of unhealthy lifestyle choices. I think it is easy to get wrapped up in  tons of food, lack of exercise and staying in the house to binge watch our latest shows. We don’t want to become a couch potato during the holidays just because it is easier. So I have some healthy tips on how to stay healthy during the winter season.

Schedule your exercise. Don’t wait until the last minute to4 do some exercise but instead take out  your calendar and mark down times  you can commit to working out. If you can get outside, even better. If you cannot get outside, try working out with a friend at  a gym or even at your house.

Take vitamin D tablets or capsules. We always are happy when the sun is out but we often lack sunshine during the winter season. It is important that we take a supplement to aid in getting the sunshine vitamin. Try to get a high quality supplement. Take them daily for optimum effect.

Make fruits and vegetables a priority. It’s easy to go crazy with overeating and eating foods that have no nutritional value but it doesn’t help you from getting sick or full of nutrients. Our body craves nutrients and when we are only eating very little – things can go south. You might end up with a cold or flu if you aren’t taking care of yourself .Try foods that are in season for the best result.

Try to keep portions in mind. We often overeat during this season. However, it can lead to you feeling sluggish and tired. We can always have leftovers and take food home if we are out for a meal with our loved ones. Portions don’t have to be perfectly set out and don’t deny yourself treats but just remember we don’t want to feel ill because of the food we are consuming.

Much love to you all,





Anxiety and the Holidays


Hi my loves,

Today I am going to be talking about anxiety and the holidays. It can quickly become overwhelming during the holiday season and I thought I’d share some tips on how to stay calm and collected during this season.

When you’re in need of alone time, make sure you set some in your calendar for every few days to just come back to yourself and rest.

During your alone time you can do an assortment of activities that will help ease your anxiety. My favorite thing to do is take a hot bubble bath or shower. You can find that it is helpful to just take a moment to think about nothing at all.

Another fun thing to do when you’re anxious is to make a cup of tea or hot cider. When you take a few moments to pause and slow down it is very relaxing.

You can write in a journal or find a word puzzle activity. This activity makes you think about what you are doing and just that. We all have activities we like to do that are mindless but mindful at the same time.

Listen to some holiday music or your favorite tunes if you need a quick distraction.
Talk to your friends or family If this time of year is difficult for you. There are always people there for you if you only speak up.

Create a space in your room that is just for you. Even if you share a room, try to find a little place in your room where you can sit and meditate. Meditation is a wonderful activity that can ease your mind. You can even just crawl into bed and meditate.

Lastly, breathe. I know it is hard to do sometimes or harder than it should be but taking a deep breath will help you be mindful of the moment.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and I will be posting more holiday related posts very soon!

Hygge For The Autumn And Winter


Hygge is a lifestyle (founded in Danish culture) when instead of being constantly busy, you take time to slow down and enjoy life mindfully. There is a lot of things you can do to celebrate hygge in your daily life and I will share some with you today.

When you are looking to find peace and calm in your life the first thing I suggest is turning off your phone. Sometimes we don’t realize how distracted we get from daily life because we are so enthralled with our phones. You can start in 30 minute intervals and see if you can stay off your phone for at least two hours during the day.

The next idea is to decorate a place in your house where you can feel comfortable and can slow down. You could put fairy lights up, light candles, and use an essential oil diffuser. You should always feel safe and secure in your space. Never feel like you are wasting time because all these things are good for your mental health and that is so important.

Make a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. There is never a bad time to make tea! You should allow yourself some time to mindfully make your beverage and take time to drink it. Not only does it taste good, it slows you down in the process of preparing your drink.

Have a conversation with someone in person. It is easy to get on your phone and text but we should really try to incorporate real life conversations. Pay attention to what the other person is saying and try to once again be mindful and be an avid listener.

You can also go out for a walk. You don’t always have to be in the house. Going for a long walk where you don’t have headphones or distractions in the way of enjoying nature. Nature can heal so many wounds and I encourage you to at least get outside a few timews a day. If it is cold, bundle up!

I hope you all have an amazing week and spend time practicing Hygge! Write any of your favorite Hygge activities in the comments!



Bliss “Mint Chip Mania” Face Mask Review

Hello, lovelies!


I’ve been using a fantastic face mask which I thought I’d share with you today. The face mask is by a brand called Bliss, which makes affordable skincare products you can find at Ulta, Target, or on their website. The item that I’ve been using is called the Mint Chip Mania face mask and it works wonders on the skin.

The mask retails for $12.99, and you receive 1.7fl. Based on the amount of product you use for each application, it is well worth the price. I’ve been using the product up to three times a week and each time it has left my skin feeling smoother, less red, and very soft. The product itself feels very rich and soft like ice cream being applied to the face. The Bliss mask is also cruelty free, and paraben free. ‘


The mask has the following active ingredients in it:

  • Aloe Vera: Soothes, moisturizes and cools while softening skin without clogging pores
  • Peppermint Leaf Extract: Known to help cool and soothe skin
  • Shea Butter: Rich in vitamin E, this intensive butter nourishes to combat dryness and flaking
  • Bentonite: Produced from volcanic ash, this highly absorbent clay binds to toxins and oils in the skin so they are more easily removed

When the mask is applied to the skin it feels cool but not bothersome. It dries down on the skin after about fifteen minutes but does not feel harsh on the skin when dry. You can simply remove by applying hot water and a flannel.

I highly recommend this mask because it does its job. It has worked to clear up my skin by my blemishes and making my skin much softer and less textured.

If interested in the mask, please click on my affiliate photo below and it will take you directly to Bliss’s website for you to purchase the mask. I appreciate any clicks!


Much Love,

Julie Ann In Wonderland