Losing Weight And Maintaining It While Having An Eating Disorder

Hello, my loves. I hope you are having a good autumn season so far. I absolutely love the fall colors and the pumpkin everything! So, today I am going to share with you my eating habits to maintain a fifty pound weight loss.

To be honest it is a lot more than just eating differently, it is a mindset for me because I’ve suffered from a severe eating disorder. Even though I have an eating disorder I was still very overweight and it was affecting my health. I am not saying anyone should just try to lose weight for the aesthetic but if your health is at risk here are some meal and drinks that I helped lose my weight. Not every person is the same so be aware of that.


Tea. Honestly, tea is very important to my diet. It helps with cleansing the system and making me feel less bloated. I usually drink peppermint green tea or ginger tea. It is so delicious and helps with digestion.

Smoothies. Okay, here is my hero of my diet. I absolutely love smoothies because they are so satisfying and are full of antioxidants and health benefits. I put whatever frozen fruit I have in them with unsweetened almond milk. You can literally use whatever they have. I drink one every morning no matter what!

Oatmeal. Okay, it’s not for everyone but it is pretty delicious and filling. Personally, for the fall time I have pumpkin pecan oatmeal from Trader Joe’s. But you can make any type you like. Apples and cinnamon make a pretty nice blend!


Yogurt with fruit and granola. All you need is a couple scoops of Greek yogurt or whatever your yogurt of choice is. Add some granola or a few berries and you are set for a filling, healthy snack.

Popcorn. Popcorn is so delicious cooked on the stove. This way you can control the amount of oils and butter you are eating. Not that there is anything wrong with that but if you want to be a little healthier, try cooking your popcorn in coconut or avocado oil. Pop some up and you can save some for later too.

Cheese sticks. To get some protein into your diet you can eat cheese sticks and munch on them for a snack. Don’t feel obligated to eat low-fat ones, it definitely isn’t necessary.


Tuna and hummus on crackers. This is my favorite meal of all time even if it seems very simple. All you do is mix a packet of tuna into a spoonful of hummus and eat it with crackers! This is such a healthy meal and tastes so good.

Avocado toast. This is another basic meal that is so good for you. All you have to do is cut up an avocado and smooth it over on toast. Put some everything but the bagel seasoning on it or whatever you please!

Soup. Okay, not going to lie this is a big one for me. It’s so easy and takes no time. I like to have seasonal soups in the autumn like pumpkin bisque or squash soup. I like to eat a piece of bread or a baguette with them. You can even have a sandwich to get your calories in.

Salad. This does not mean a leaf of lettuce and some dressing. This means a full bodied salad with protein carbs, and fats. Load it up with avocado, pumpkin seeds, chicken, turkey bacon, tomatoes, cheese, and a nice dressing.

Pizza. Yes, pizza. My nurse told me it was one of the most whole foods as long as you’re not eating at Pizza Hut every night and making it at home or adding veggies. It’s a great option and heats up well for leftovers.

Eggs. Who doesn’t love a good egg? I absolutely love eggs! You can make yourself an omelette or fried eggs with butter and toast. Make whatever type you are craving.

Veggie chicken nuggets and home made fries. Okay, we all love chicken nuggets but there are also veggie options! You can buy them wherever food is sold. For a side you can absolutely have some french fries. Potatoes are great and are easy to make.

Pasta with pesto. I am not a huge pasta fan but I do enjoy a nice pesto and pasta meal. It is filling and tastes wonderful. I make enough for several meals and it is also very inexpensive.


Halo Top Ice cream. This is a “healthy” alternative to regular ice cream. It’s pretty good considering it is a low calorie option. They have a variety of flavors as well!

Pudding or Jello. I love pudding and it is portioned out in cups so it is an easy go to for a sweet treat.

Frozen bananas/fruit dipped in chocolate. Sometimes you just have a major sweet tooth and a healthy option is frozen fruit dipped in chocolate. I can find these at the grocery store or Trader Joe’s.

Okay, ya’ll. Those are my secrets. There is so much more I could share so maybe another post will be in order! I’m very aware that whoever is struggling with their weight or have ever struggled with body image – please take these tips as just a general overview.

Love, Julie


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