Cottagecore Lifestyle Ideas

Hello, my loves!

Welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to be sharing a few cottagecore lifestyle ideas. There are tons of things you can do to embrace the cottage core lifestyle.

Dress like it. So, of course we have the obvious but it can be so fun to do! When dressing for a cottagecore day you can dress up or down. You can add tons of beautiful layers and curious jewelery pieces. You can then go frolic in the meadow or have a tea party.

Have a tea party. Honestly, I love tea and drink it almost every day. It is so delightful to get out a tea pot and add some fresh loose leaf tea. Spring is coming around the corner so remember to add some hibiscus or lemongrass. You can set up a table for your friends or even just for yourself. You can add tea cakes and art work to your table.

Run through the meadow. As I stated before, when you are in your pretty dress you can run through the meadows and the fields with bare feet. It is a wonderful activity that gets you into the nature. You can sit down and relax and read a book whilst out in the fields.

Bake. It is always fun to bake something and you can wear a cute apron whilst doing so. You can create some masterpieces and share them with your family and friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong about enjoying a piece of cake in the afternoon with your tea.

Sing and dance. We all secretly love dancing and singing. It is a wonderful joyous pastime that can never go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you feel you aren’t adequate. Just get up and do it! It releases so much stress and anxiety. It’ll make you feel so good inside. Try to do this daily even if it is for a short period of time.

Be by animals. Animals are so cute and cuddly and even when we are at our worst they can bring joy to our lives. If you’re lonely, maybe think of getting a pet to help ease the alone time. Or you can obviously go to a petting zoo if you don’t have the ability to take an animal home. Go out into nature and see the birds and woodland creatures.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading a few of my ideas for a cottagecore lifestyle. I may make a part two, so look out for that!




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  1. Yes, you definitely have to dress the part to live a cottagecore lifestyle. I really like your list.

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