Nyx Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream Review

Hello, my loves. Welcome back to my blog. I am sorry it has been a while since I posted but I’m going to try and get better at getting on a schedule.

If you’re new my name is Julie and I create lifestyle content. So, I thought today I’d share a product I’ve been using for the last couple months. It’s a beauty product! It’s called the Nyx Smooth Whip Matte Lip Cream. This is something I’ve been looking for for a while. If you want a literal whipped formula matte lip cream then you should look into purchasing.

This product isn’t necessarily new but it was new to me when I found it at Target. You can find it to retail for eight USD.. You can find it at most cosmetic stores as well as Target as I mentioned. The product itself is .13 fluid oz or 4 mL which frankly isn’t a lot of product but since it isn’t needed to be reapplied much I suppose it evens out.

The treasure with these whipped matte lipsticks are that the range of colors is impeccable. There are bold shades, muted shades, and everything in between. I absolutely think it is important to market to all.

The shades I picked out was birthday frosting, which is a bold pink-purple shade which looks so good and will look amazing during the summertime. I also got a brownish nude called latte foam. This is a really nice nude that I think would compliment most skin tones.

The best part of these lipsticks as I may have mentioned is the fact that they don’t budge. Yes, a little of the top may come off when you’re eating but the color remains there and it doesn’t look weird or patchy. I really enjoy the texture and feel of this product too, it does feel whipped instead of just pure dry lipstick.

This product also happens to be vegan and cruelty free which is a wonderful thing.

I know I don’t have the product to compare but the new glossier G Suit does remind me of this product where it promises to be cloud like and soft all day.

So, I will highly recommend you purchasing a Nyx Smooth Whip matte lip cream. For the price it is an unbeatable product and the shade range comes in 24 colors which is absolutely amazing. I hope you can share your experience in the comments or if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for reading!

Much love,



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